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G78002-1 Hold Open Set-Thrust Reverser Cowl, CF6-80C2B Engine B727/767
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Global Leaders in Tooling and Ground Support Equipment
Delivering consistent, high quality, custom solutions everyday

Welcome to STAP Industries

As a global leader in the aviation industry, STAP Industries is your first choice for high-quality maintenance tooling and ground support equipment in support of commercial, regional, and military industries. We are experts in tooling services: repair, calibration, load testing, stock and leasing, engineering, and machining. We can manufacture various tooling and equipment, providing services to Airbus, Boeing, Bombardier, Embraer, and Douglas aircraft.

We are ready to serve your needs with our comprehensive aftermarket tooling and ground support equipment solutions.


Work with a team of experienced technicians to maintain your hydraulic ground support equipment.

Loan Solutions

Take advantage of short and long-term loan options for your engine stand needs.


We are a full-service supplier of affordable GSE and a wide variety of tooling for virtually all aircraft types in the industry.

Load Testing and Calibration

Our knowledgeable team of experts is ready to support your load testing and calibration requirements.

Customized Tooling and Manufacturing Solutions

Our in-house engineering staff offers customized customer-specific maintenance tooling and equipment.