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Products & Services

Aircraft Ground Support Equipment Distribution

We are a full-service supplier of affordable GSE for virtually all aircraft types in the industry. STAP Industries maintains a stock of spare parts, ensuring the serviceability of your GSE and guaranteeing reduced turnaround time with lower cost.

We supply a wide range of GSE, such as tripod jacks, axle jacks, tow bars, and more. 

Aircraft Tooling Distribution

STAP Industries offers various tooling solutions for Airbus, Boeing, Bombardier, and Embraer airframes. We maintain a large inventory to support airlines and MROs worldwide, including bootstrap kits, slings, wrenches, and more. 

Customized Tooling and Manufacturing Solutions

Our in-house engineering staff offers customized customer-specific tooling and equipment. We can manufacture a wide range of tooling and equipment, bringing your vision to life. If you have an idea, we can help you! Whether hand tools, engine stands, aircraft internal and external shoring, and more.
We have you covered. 

Repairing Hydraulic Ground Support Equipment

We are an AS9100-certified company dealing with aircraft tooling and maintenance with the capabilities to rebuild and repair any hydraulic ground support aviation equipment. We service ENERPAC (P39, P391, P51, P80, P84, P462), all RCH and RRH Series Cylinders, Turbo Series, Columbus Jack (6509-55, 709D1100), and MALABAR (65P10AR, 95P10AR).

Loan Solutions

STAP Industries provides short and long-term loan options for your engine stands. Our engine stands are regularly inspected and load-tested to guarantee the functionality you need with the highest level of safety. All loan stands have the original COC and test certificate. Want to learn more? Contact our sales team.

Load Testing & Calibration

We offer load testing and calibration services. We can load test all types of equipment: sling, axle-jack, hoist, etc. We also have the internal capability to perform manometer and dynamometer calibration. Our in-house technicians can repair and/or calibrate your tools economically and with quick turnaround times. The customer’s first load testing is offered with a 25% discount.